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Compact Hot & Cold EXCELAM-Q Series(43")(65")

EXCELAM- Q1100RS / EXCELAM- Q1670RS EXCELAM-Q1100RS/Q1670RS are the perfect machines to produce a wide range of services in a photo copy shop environment or in a photo copy center, graphic printing shop and photo shop. Ideal for laminating posters, inkjet prints, leaflets, maps, and wide photographs with superb results, and for truly professional mounting up to 13mm LAMIFORMBOARD [Patent Specification] 1.Laminating film antistatic device

Prographics Cold EXCELAM-PLUS COLD Series (1400/1600)(55")(62")

EXCELAM-PLUS COLD is the perfect machine for a wide range of services in a copy shop environment or as a print finishing. Ideal for laminating posters, ink-jet prints, leaflets and maps with superb results and for truly professional mounting up to 13mm GMP LAMIFOAM (Foamboard). Super Cold Laminating results on wide ranges of Cold films from 25micron & 50micron GMP Crystalex Film (Polyester Base Cold Film) Including 75micron & 100 micron GMP Pronex Cold UV Film (Soft Touch Cold Film).

Prographics Hot & Cold GRAPHICMASTER MINI-1600(62")

GRAPHICMASTER MINI-1600 developed from GRAPHICMASTER III is an economy-cost version with efficiently minimized size and designed for professional graphic art industry, based on new technology, guarantee best quality of transfer and easy operation basis lamination. On top of it, it works as the best machine for various size laminating at service shops, graphic printing shops etc. Easy control for speed & temperature by using Jog-dialing system as the convenient ueser-friendly basis cost effective machine.

ENTERPRISE Series(20")(32")(42")

Hot roller type trade and industrial roll Laminators - 525 HR2 - 825 HR2 - 1075 HR2