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Πλαστικοποιητές Trade

SURELAM III Series(14")(21")(31")

380 / 380R / 540 / 540R / 540B /540RB/ 540WFR / 540WFB / 800S [Patent Specification] 1.Device for adjusting the position of film rolls in laminator 2.Device for eliminating static electricity from film of laminated sheets in laminators 3.Device for adjusting the position of film rolls in laminators

Hot & Cold Type EXCELAM II Series(12")(25")

Hot roll laminator designed for schools, offices or professional use. EXCELAM II has unique features including speed and temperature control, pre-set laminating functions with manually over-ride, roller pressure release, cold film setting and fixed open roller positions which allow efficient boardlami onto 5mm LAMIFOAM. [Patent Specification] 1.The Laminator for laminating various kinds of film 2. Laminating film antistatic device